Boats, helis and planes!

Recently I had an unusual project for Baltic Workboats. It’s a Estonian company who builds ultra modern & high tech boats for governments and private clients around the World. So they built one for Estonian Boarder Control and I stayed overnight on it! I must say it felt like a hotel, they’ve got fully equipped kitchen, hospital room, meeting room, relax room and a sauna! No pool though, for that – man overboard!

Check out the film here.

We shot actually 2 films for them, watch the second one here.

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Night shoot in Russia!

Recently I had an opportunity to work in Russia again. I must say, hockey is huge there! Almost every one from the crew, client and agency side knew how to ice skate. That helped a lot, since we could be really mobile and move around the set fast. We didn’t use any dollies or cranes or other steady but bulky stuff. DOP just skated around camera handheld.

As I mentioned, hockey is really popular over there and the arena was booked from 7am until late evening. So we had a night shoot, which actually lasted until about 2pm next day. It definitely took a toll on my body. Later I learnt some tricks on “how to prepare for a bad night (no) sleep” and I wish i knew them earlier. Here are some:
– make yourself sleep deprived, already a day before. Then it’s easier to take a nap before the “bad night”.
– take a sauna (easy to find in Russia!)
– don’t eat & fast (keep your blood in brain)

The hardest I found was a mandatory 1 hour lunch brake at around 3am in a morning. You eat and want to fall asleep straight away, coffee doesn’t help! Better don’t eat in first place.

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