I´m currently working on 6 episode car TV show for Elisa. Release date: October 2022


I produced, directed, shot and edited a documentary about biohacking called Stronger by Stress. Distributed in USA and rest of the World on major platforms and TV channels

Stronger by Stress is a documentary film about leveraging the concept of hormesis to our advantage. It talks about the science of stress, how it affects our bodies, what to do for stress management and which kind of positive stressors we should incorporate into our lives.

The movie is told through the lens of biohacking and health optimization. It focuses on the idea of preventive healthcare, personalized medicine, self-quantification, experimentation and scientific enquiry.

I directed and edited an after movie and the TV episodes about the biggest poker game ever played. More than 50 players gathered in London’s Hilton Hotel and played the game – each paying more than 1 million pounds to play (+£50k for charity).

We produced 10 tv episodes for American market with Daniel Negreanu’s (a poker legend) commentary; but here is much shorter and way more intense re-cap of the event: